Random Thoughts of a Peace Corps Volunteer

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So… What exactly do you do? Besides take trips…

Maayong gabi-I from the Philippines! Once again I’ve disappeared (my bad!) but I’ve been moderately busy as of late, maybe since April/May. As I said in a previous post, probably not busy by typical American work standards but much busier... Continue Reading →


July Happenings

Maayong Gabi-I from the Philippines yet again! Yet another month has come and gone. I quite can’t get used to how fast time is passing here. And what’s more is with each month that passes, I like my service here... Continue Reading →

June Endeavors

Maayong Gabi-I from the Philippines! Once again I’ve been absent, but again I have a good excuse. This time is that we had an earthquake and a long brown out last week. You can’t make that stuff up! We left... Continue Reading →

Big Things Happening (May)

Maayong Gabi-I from the Philippines! I’m back at it again, look at me writing blog posts two weeks in a row! So for starters a little disclaimer – there may be some typos on this blog. My keyboard decided that... Continue Reading →

April Updates

Maayong gabi-i from the Philippines! It’s been a while, huh? Believe it or not May and June kept me busy. Between work and trips (both vacation and work related) I’ve been preoccupied. Of course busy is a relative term, I... Continue Reading →

Maayong gabi-i from the Philippines! Another month has come and gone and once again I find myself in shock at how fast time is going. The good news is that things have been starting to pick up at site, work wise.... Continue Reading →

Market Da(y)ze

Maayong gabi-i from the Philippines! One of the things I was most nervous about once I got settled into site life besides cooking, as you probably know already I was inept at it, was going to the market. My feelings had... Continue Reading →

March Madness

Maayong gabi-i from the Philippines! I’ve been absent for the past couple weeks mostly due to a little lack of inspiration but here I am again. Another month has come and gone, namely March, and fortunately for me it was... Continue Reading →

Cultural Nuances

Maayong udto from the Philippines! Being in the Philippines has been a learning experience in all aspects. From learning about the public transportation system, to learning how to cook and even learning a great deal about myself. But one of... Continue Reading →

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