Maayong buntag from the Philippines!

So it only took me a few months but after this blog and the next two, I will FINALLY be caught up to the present, and from then on I will do blogs about other things (i.e. culture notes, types of foods, etc). Point is, the blogs will get more creative and probably informative (in regards to the Philippines)

So now we talk about January. A month that came and went with not much in the way of eventful moments. January was kind of a lull for me were time seemed to have paused. The beginning of January was marked by the end of my vacation and the end of January by the beginning of our in service training. The three weeks in between were kind of at a standstill. Days consisted of waking up, making lunch, going to work and coming back home. To say I was unmotivated is an understatement. To make things worse, it poured every day. In these three weeks, I didn’t even get my bike fixed or get to ride to work.

Me and my coworker took advantage of the break in the rain one day to walk into town in the morning


To break up the monotony of those three weeks me and two of my island mates, Bennett and Andrew, made our way to the southern tip of our island to a place called Padre Burgos. This was the place we were supposed to go before my little incident with the motorcycle. The main goal of our trip was to snorkel with the whale sharks, our second aim was to dive. We did the dive first, and it was the most beautiful reef I have ever seen. I’ve been fortunate to have been diving a lot in my life, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I have never seen a reef this beautiful and healthy.

Unluckily for us, we found no whale sharks. They tend to frequent these waters from September to April, but they’re fickle and will leave and come back at any point during this time frame. However the simple joy of spending the day on a boat was more than enough, especially when you’re in good company. We spent the rest of the weekend laying on the beach, snorkeling in front of our resort and eating food (for some reason I became a fan of the spaghetti Bolognese and mashed potatoes and had it for breakfast/lunch/dinner three days in a row).

After our little weekend getaway, we had two weeks back at site. Again it rained and I found myself stuck in the loop of waking up, office, back home. At the end of January though, my friends and I made our way to the city of Tacloban, a little stopover before making our way to our training in Manila.

An awesome care package from home to break up the monotony

This is a short one, as I said not much in the way of eventful things happened in January but next time I will talk about our in service training, filled with good friends and fun times!

Until next time!