Random Thoughts of a Peace Corps Volunteer

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Back in the Saddle

Maayong gabi-I [good night] from the Philippines! The last 6+ months have been a frenzy of activities, work and trips. As such, I have really slacked on this whole blogging business. Seeing as I have less than two months left,... Continue Reading →


Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last blog. These last couple months I’ve been busy conducting the Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment (PCRA) for my town along with my office and some other agencies. Seeing how this has kept... Continue Reading →

Tis’ the season

Maayong gabi-I from the Philippines! Another month has come and gone, yet here am I, still in the Philippines; surviving as mosquitoes try to suck the life out of me and weird animals and creatures keep invading my room. Many... Continue Reading →

~~ I’m Back! November Happenings

Well well well… it seems like I have quite a bit of catching up to do here don’t I? It’s been a fun and crazy few months, nothing but good things really. As I write now, things have settled back... Continue Reading →


Maayong gabi-I from the Philippines! It’s hard to believe, and I always say this, that another couple months have gone by. I suspected I wouldn’t be very good at keeping up with a blog when I first started it, and... Continue Reading →

Sweet September

Maayong gabi-I from the Philippines! Another week has come and gone and here I am again, alive. This week has been weird and slow. Monday and Tuesday we had some impromptu days off. President Duterte declared them “no work days”... Continue Reading →

August Activities

Maayong gabi-I from the Philippines! Last week and the week before I wrote about the meat industry and cutting it out from your diet to live a “greener” life. Although I promised I would write more blogs about the topic,... Continue Reading →

Vive la Vida Verde

Maayong gabi-I (así se dice “Buenas noches” en el dialecto Cebuano de las Filipinas)! Les escribo desde las Filipinas, mi hogar por los últimos 15 meses. Este blog lo escribí hace una semana en inglés y por interés popular lo... Continue Reading →

Living My Greenest Life – Part 1

Maayong gabi-i! Once again, it’s been a while. These days I figure if I write once a month that will be good enough. Today I write because I was inspired by a conversation I had with my brother this morning.... Continue Reading →

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